Google Hangouts 101

There are 2 kinds of hangouts, standard Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air.

Google Hangouts are essentially on-line video conferences that can host up to 10 participants. Various tools can be used within a Hangout to share screens and files, but unless a proprietary screen recording system is used to record the Hangout, no record of the event is created.

Google Hangouts on Air can also accommodate up to 10 participants, but they can be watched live by any number of additional viewers via YouTube, Facebook, Google + or websites with the relevant plugin. Hangout producers can also arrange for “external” viewers to interact with participants (e.g. Q&A sessions) and can even arrange for viewers to be brought into the Hangout as a participant. Google Hangouts on Air are streamed to YouTube and as the recorded video is available for replay at any time, they are a great new way to market your business, launch a product, promote your brand and educate your audience.

We’ve been running Google Hangout online TV shows since January 2014 and during that time we’ve had many guests including speakers from Business Network International, Action Business coaches, Sandler Sales Trainers, computer experts and mobile phone app developers and we believe this format is ideal for businesses who want to share and promote information in this live, authentic, interactive way.

Here’s one of our clients, Duane Smith from Act Mobile Messenger talking to us on a Live Google Hangout on Air.

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