Act! Training
Investment in software training really pays off from the word, go. Without initial start-up training you won’t be getting the most out of your software. It’s really important to ensure your database is structured appropriately for your business, and that the users know how to enter data in a consistent manner. You then need to ensure that the administrators understand their critical role in managing and controlling their data. Training is best done as part of an on-going development and support programme which Act!Partners can provide. Every company is different which is why we take the trouble to understand your business requirements and objectives before tailoring our training courses specifically for you.

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Email Marketing

Act Partners can provide training on both systems integrated to Act!

Swiftpage emarketing is the traditional platform with all the bells and whistles. Not only can you send and monitor email campaigns but you can also do web-forms and surveys as well.

Learn all the tips and tricks from the professionals.

Act emarketing is the new kid on th block who’s growing and maturing fast. With a new easy to use editor and a pile of images and templates to get you going it’s easy to get your first email campaign out of the door.

Accounting Solutions

Cat has years of experience with many different accounting solutions including Sage Accounts. She can provide training and consultancy for Sage Accounts and can assist with many other solutions.

Sales Training

If you’ve ever attended one of those American style whooping and a’ hollering sales training sessions than this will come a welcome relief. A range of programmes are available, each tailored to your specific requirements, and all delivered to suit a British audience.
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Social Media

No one would argue that Social Media is not important to business but these days it’s hard to know where to start. Elene says the most important thing is to understand which Social Media channels your customers and prospects are likely use. Once you know this you can focus your attention on just one or two channels. Yes, you need to plan your posts, always aiming to be either educational, entertaining, inspiring or convincing, but you also need to make time to engage with your audience. Elene knows that engagement is paramount and her expertise enables her clients to exploit the full potential of interactive Google Hangouts. She helps businesses set up their own online TV shows to engage and interact with their audience with more sincerity and authenticity than can be conveyed with other digital marketing tools. Find out more