Act! is the world’s leading sales and marketing solution, trusted by start-ups, SMEs and established brand names around the world to monitor and control their sales and marketing activities and drive sales.

The flexible deployment options for Act! guarantees that there’s a solution that fits the way you do business.

Act! On-Premise

The traditional on-premise software install is still the most popular way of using Act! software, and gives the full-blown Act! experience. Act! is first installed on a server (or in a small office situation, a PC, which acts as a server). Act! is then installed on all the other PCs in the network and all users then access and share the central database.
Remote users who work outside of the office typically have a synchronised copy of the database which they periodically update in both directions when connected to the main office network or through a VPN link to the office.
There are a wide range of add-on apps that work with the installed version of Act! to enhance the experience even further if required.

Act! Hosted

The simplest and fastest way to get started with Act! is through a hosted system in the Cloud. We set up Act! for Web in a professionally managed UK data centre. We supply you with your unique URL, User Names and Passwords and you’re ready to go!

Everyone in the team can then access Act! over the internet. No software to install. No software to backup. No software to update, No software to maintain. We do it all for you.

Of course, being Act! Partners we do much more, by helping you to customise your database to fit your business needs and we also upload any existing data, for example Excel spreadsheets, you may wish to use. Full training at your premises is then provided so everyone gets the full benefit of your Act! CRM system.

And it doesn’t stop there, with a support package we are always there to help and assist you along the way, leaving you free to focus on running your business!

Act! Mobile

If you’ve got Act! for Web you’ve also got Act! Mobile.

Act! mobile is your regular Act! data but formatted to work seamlessly on Smartphones and Tablets so if you are out and about it is rediculously quick and easy to lookup phone numbers and addresses or to add some notes or tasks for the office to do when you come out of a meeting. All without opening your laptop.

You can install Act! for Web on your own web-server if you wish, or to make it really easy we can host it for you.

Act! Essentials

Act! Essentials is like Act! pared down to the absolute basics for up to five users. It’s web only and designed for mobile devices.